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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012,Hello 2013

Seems like im gonna celebrate my New Year at work lol. And Chinese New year is one month away *the horror!*. I'll get interrogated,bugged for the whole new year for being single.yeah..the same old question.Who and When?

But I'd like to throw back a question that bugged me for YEARS. Why does perfectly nice girls seem to constantly be falling for guys that mistreat them.

If you exist on planet Earth, are over the age of 13 and have a gender, you’re probably familiar with this question: Why do girls like jerks?

Textbook definition of “jerk”: a guy who leads a girl to believe that he cares about her without actually caring about her. Truth: They’re very popular with the ladies.

And after having fun with those bad guys, they finally realized that "the losers aka nice guy" are the one that stand by them when they're in trouble,the one that help them when they fall and the right one to settle down with.After the hell and rejections that "the losers" have to endure, and the fun those girls have, they (the losers) deserve someone who is way better rite? Why do nice guys always finish last and need to pick up the rubbish anyway

Textbook definition of “nice guy”: a guy who shows care for the well-being of girls he’s interested in. Truth: They regularly reside in the “friend zone.”

*sorry been away working.Will post about it later...New year Comes 1st wheeeeeeeeeee*

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